Lets go surfing!

Published: Thursday 30th May 2019

Written by: Ginnie James

One newly turned 9 year old was most definite on what she wanted for her birthday; a surf lesson on her next stay in Abersoch! Along with an 8 year old friend (also very keen to join the action) she was booked in with the professional team at Offaxis, Abersoch; a shop where wetsuits and bodyboards had already been bought on previous trips, and where staff had inspired the desire in 2 small humans to get on into the surf!

Fuelled up on snacks and with full tanks of excitement the girls headed to Offaxis to be fitted with hire wetsuits and shoes followed by an introduction to their instructor for the lesson, Brett. Dressed and ready to go with the afternoon sun shining, the girls couldn't get to Hell's Mouth/Port Neigwl quick enough.

Running onto the beach (whilst Brett happily carried the surfboards!) there was a moment of aniticpation when they saw the waves and the 'much older kids' happily bouncing around in the water. Brett was there putting them both at ease whilst ensuring they understood the dangers of the sea and tide. Leading them out into the surf, Brett quickly turned from teacher to hero and protector as the girls looked to him for continuous guidance. Pushing them off into the surf, their confidence grew wave after wave, leading to the occassional shout of 'we want to go deeper!'... overconfidence!

After the first hour the girls both made in to shore kneeling on the boards and by the end of the 2 hours both had 'surfed' standing up, with momentary smiles of celebratory achievement. To be honest the parents looked pretty pleased too! As the sun went down the air cooled and the surf lesson came to a close but the excitement never faded. The girls are planning the next lesson oh, and a surfboard for Christmas!

Ginnie James



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