Growing up on The Warren in the 70's and 80's!

Published: Friday 15th Feb 2019

The long hot summers of the mid 70's and early 80's were full of halcyon days when many of us spent our time growing up on the Warren. Speed boats were smaller, water skis were bigger and there was definitely more sweets in a 10p mix.

So for those of us whose childhood memories are of summers on The Warren here are some things that you may remember.

  1. Going to the beach cafe for a Knickerbocker Glory or a Banana Split. If you were lucky Ben would serve you!

  2. Playing the 2p arcade game at the beach cafe or the Warren Club. You had to get the 2p in the jokers mouth!

  3. Queuing up at the telephone boxes at 6pm to call home when cheap rate kicked in.

  4. Riding your chopper (or budgies!) as fast as you could over the sleeping policeman trying to 'get air'!

  5. Going to the sweet shop, getting a Slush Puppie and saving up the tokens for a belt.

  6. Going to the sweet shop and getting a huge bag of sweets for 10p. 10 sheets of edible paper for 1p! 

  7. Walking around the Warren Club playing the instruments and ringing the bell at 9pm when children had to leave.

  8. Parking your bike in the concrete parking bays outside the Warren supermarket.

  9. Saving your change all week for the weekly visit to the on-site launderette!

  10. Going to the Abersoch Beach Mission next to the beach cafe.

And, of course, every summer being spectacularly warm!

Let us know your memories and we'll compile a list of the next 10 top memories.